House Tour

Our First Home

-The Front-
We've got some landscaping to do... I think you can tell how long this house sat empty based on that nice green bush growing in front of the garage...  We've I have big plans to add some major curb appeal here.
We have taken out a few dead or dying bushes, added some window boxes, new plants, and a nice place to sit.  Still on the to do list is adding some more plants, cleaning the roof, power washing everything, and oh likely planting even more.

-The Back-
Basically we have a nice big tree and an empty lot.  Oh, the possibilities.  Our plans include a fire pit, a veggie garden and a flower cutting garden.  Photos coming soon!

-Entry Way-
-Living  Room-
View from near the dining room.  
View from front corner of the living room.  These photos are not doing justice to how bad the carpet is & how I dream every night of new flooring.  
-Dining Room-
View from living room.
We have done zero work in the kitchen and dining room, we just put our furniture in and walked away.  It is a daunting area, knowing painting means all the trim, ceiling, and walls for such a large space. 

View from the dining room, the door goes out to the garage or to the basement.  This was one of the listing agent's photos, mine we pretty bad from move in day.  What you don't see here is the GIANT tape tear in the middle of the ceiling that must have happened during its vacant period.
The stove is on the other side of the wall you see on the right above.  The house didn't come with appliances except for a dishwasher and microwave, so we bought a cheap craigs list stove to get us by until we saved up and decided what we want  it broke.

-Downstairs Bathroom-
Before & After
 Pretty much a standard builder grade bathroom with almond colored everything, barf.  This was one of the first rooms we really overhauled.  I think you can really get the idea of how awesome this makeover was when the photos are side by side.  

-Downstairs Bedroom-
I did not get any really good shots, it is kind of hard to get photos of with its shape.  Basically it is a yellow box.  Technically the master bedroom of the house, we have other plans for it.

-Bonus Room-
The future master bedroom, we just need to build a closet and potentially add a bathroom.  We have not touched this room yet, it currently houses boxes, cat stuff, and an elliptical.  Exciting stuff right there.

Nothing too terrible, just not my likes... gray blue counters, oak cabinets and off white/ almond plumbing fixtures.  Basically the same as the downstairs bathroom.
The crown jewel of this bath is the never finished tile job... I would not have liked it if they had finished it, so really less demo work!
 Only a single sink, we will be redoing this whole bath in the next few years.  Possibly expanding it into the bonus room!?
-Bedroom 1-
I failed to take a before photo of this room... I have a very messy shot of the room somewhere, I'll find it eventually.
We painted and put up curtains and put a bed in here before we guests over.  I'm not sure how much we will do in this room because I don't want to spend a lot and then end up tuning it into a nursery in a few years.  We don't have all that many overnight guests.  
-Bedroom 2-
I have neutral emotions about this room.  I thought it was going to be a hard shape to make a bedroom one day, but I've got a plan.

I'm working on adding more photos soon of certain rooms!  

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