Hi there,
I am Meg  Grabner,  recently married to Paul Stange.  We are in our twenties just living life!  I love to sew, cook, and redo old furniture from the side of the road.  We are cat parents to my 18 year old kitty, and expecting our first baby due in November.  

I have a degree in microbiology, and then went back to school to get my teaching license.  I teach high school biology and environmental science.    The Mr. graduated with a degree in business and works as a business analyst.   We bought an old house in 2014, and have been slowly fixing it up.  It was built in 1926, but was gutted and certainly does not look like it.  We are working to slowly bring back the old house charm.  Stay tuned to A Stange Life to see where it leads!
I always wonder the reason behind a blog name, so if you do too here is the reason for mine!  Before we got married I was trying to think of a blog name that would encompass what I like to write about and do.  I decided upon a lifestyle blog to cover my interests and see where it leads me.  I write a lot of DIY and home related posts, as well as the occasional recipe and from the heart post.  
My husband's last name is Stange (like mus - STANG)   but people tend to say Strange... Paul Strange.  We tend to be goofy people, ok well me, I tend to just be weird, one could say I am strange.... Strange... Stange.... Yep, Hence A Stange Life (most people read the R even though it is not there...)  

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