September 23, 2017

My favorite low maintenance lip colors.

With school in full swing, I'm back into wearing very low maintenance lip colors.  I don't want to be worrying about if I have lipstick wearing off poorly or transfer onto the teeth.  The problem is I sometimes still look a bit young to be teaching high school kids.  Just this week during a fire drill I told a kid to get out of the street he responded with "Oh sh*t I didn't know you were a teacher!"  I have had plenty of kids come in to my room and can't find their teacher... in my head I say "seriously you think a student wears dress pants and a blouse to class?"  Anyway, I like to wear a bit more makeup, usually involving a brighter lip color.  I don't want to age myself but I try to look more polished.  I keep the rest of my makeup simple because at this point I take sleep over eye shadow, most days.  So I wanted to round up 5 of my absolute favorite no fuss lip colors.

TONYMOLY Delight Tony Tint - $6  I am such a fan of a red lip, but I fear the maintenance it takes to pull it off.  This Tony Moly tint is perfect for creating a red lip that wears well.  I reach for this all the time during the holidays and for evenings out.  

ARROW BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm - $14   Applies like a chapstick, no mirror needed.  I received this in my Birchbox subscription ago and I love it.  This claims to automatically adjust to your body's pH to create a unique to you perfect pink.  On my I usually get a really pretty pink with a bit of a sheen, it didn't swatch well on my arm but trust me this is a great lip product.  I keep this in my bag at school all the time, it is my daily go to.  

Elizabeth Mott Tint and Sass - $15   Sometime I forget how much I love this color.  I received it in my Ipsy subscription a few years back, and it lasts forever.  This red tint has the prettiest blue undertone that works perfectly with my skin tone.

Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - $9.49 These Revlon lip colors are great from the drugstore.  I love the colors sweetheart & honey.  Sweetheart is a bright pink, BRIGHT.  Honey is a really pretty mauve neutral pink.  It is perfect if you don't love bright color.  This starts glossy and wears down to a wonderful stain. 

Peripera's Tint Water - $12  This is a bright pink lip stain that lasts until lunch for me.  It is a bit on the runny side, but it builds nicely.  My absolute favorite lip stain was by a Korean brand that suddenly stopped selling in the U.S., so this is the closest that exists on the market.


  1. Hubby teaches high school and every year there is a new teacher about 22 years old. He said kids aren't as respectful to the young new teachers as they are to the "older" new teachers. Maybe life experiences/attitude is different enough in a mid 20's versus a mid 30 person.

    1. Oh for sure - the kids are really trying to push limits to figure out who you are, all the while the new teacher is trying to figure out the same thing!


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