Friday, August 11, 2017

Friday Five

1.  I finally broke down and tried the Essie gel couture nail polish.  While it is not cheap, I actually think it is worth the price. I do typically love Essie polish, my most worn shades are Essie.  While it by no means lasted the 14 days it touts on the package, I got and extra 2-3 days of wear compared to normal.  I'd say during the school year I could easily apply on a Sunday and wear the polish for a whole week with no issues.  It lasted only 5 days the first time I wore it, but during the summer working on the house and pulling weeds my normal polish won't last more than 3 days.  I have the color VIP, and I'll be looking to expand my collection!  p.s please don't mind my swollen fingers. 
2.  My mom and I spent yesterday canning tomatoes.  While my tomato yield isn't as high as normal, I still have an OK amount of tomatoes coming on.  We still have some juice and stewed left from last year.  I imagine I will deplete the stock a little faster this year as I look toward super easy meals to make after the baby arrives and right now all I want is chili.  We canned 15 quarts of stewed tomatoes yesterday, so not bad.  
3.  I may have hit a new level of crazy... my friend Kelly gave me a baby wrap and so naturally I wanted to test it out.  My only good baby stand in happened to be the cat.  I plan on wearing the little man a lot, especially around the holidays since he will be just about a month old, maybe only 2 weeks for his first Christmas depending on when he is born.  But also, the cat really enjoyed it.  She purred the whole time.  
4.   My good friend from college Angie hosts a podcast called Money in the Bank, find it here!  She talks about all things financial.  When they were down for a visit last I requested an episode on how to financially prepare for this kid's future, and she came through with some great advise.  
5.   I have added some new items to my etsy shop, I'm slowing working to build up some more inventory.  
I hope you all had a fantastic week! Do share any highlights from your week!


  1. That is so awesome you can your own tomatoes! I've always wanted to learn how to can!

    1. It is really not hard and totally worth it to have the delicious flavor of home canned tomatoes in the middle of winter! I suggest the Ball books as a guide, like this one


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