April 30, 2017

My Top 10 Podcasts

At the beginning of this year I really got into listening to podcasts.   It was a great a way to pass the time driving to work.  I don't have a crazy long drive, usually 40 - 50 minutes to work and up to an hour home because of traffic right now.  Some people spend longer driving I know, but I hate driving.  On the plus side, as a result of all my time in the car I feel like I am a more educated person now, which I can't complain about and I am better off than just tuning into the radio.  I think it all started when Young House Love launched a podcast, I'm a fan of YHL.  From there my interests spread out, and I have a friend who made some great recommendations.  If you are a podcast newbie I highly recommend the following - and I am giving my take in one sentence.  Could I write more about each one of these, yes.  Will I? No.

Young House Love Has a Podcast - the one that started it all for me, DIY and home stuff. 

Chris Loves Julia w/ host Preston Pugmire - Full of laughter, you feel like you are listening to friends talk about home design.  

How I Built This - The stories behind some of the most well known brands and how they came to be is simply inspirational.  

Reply All - You never know what you are going to get, but it will always have something to do with the internet. 

Serial - Tells unique stories, episode by episode that keep you on your heels.  

S - town - From the makers of Serial, the story of a backwards little Alabama town and the sh*t that goes on.  

Surprisingly Awesome - Just as it sounds, first episode was about mold, winner.  

Ask Me Another -  Game show meets podcast with the a special guest.  

TED Radio Hour -  This one make me feel smarter, and who does not want that?

Up and Vanished -  I have just started this one, but a good unsolved disappearance case keeps me enthralled. 

I'd love to hear your favorites.  What should I add to my playlist?


  1. I am super addicted to all true crime podcasts right now, Up and Vanished is one of my favorites! I also really like Making a Murderer and Last Podcast on the Left. Outside of true crime ones I've always liked Stuff you Should Know, Thinking Sideways, and Presidential

    1. I can't wait to start listening to your podcast! So exciting!


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