January 10, 2016

Sunday small talk

I used to love doing Friday five posts, just as a little weekly recap to serve as mini diary for myself and keep up with friends, but I can safely say that over the course of the next few months there will certainly be no Friday five posts.  See I started student teaching on Monday, and I feel fairly tired by the end of the day.  I took a quick cat nap a few days most days, and I realized I had zero energy to blog.  I had just enough energy to cook, grade papers, and do homework.  My thought was I'll just do a small talk Saturday series, but as I sit down to start this on 11pm Saturday this suddenly became Sunday small talk.
So, hey! lets chat.  I don't know about you, but I was ready for Friday, and even more ready for Saturday for a nice sleep in.  I don't have to get up outrageously early for school, I have to be there at 7:35 so I get up at 6.  But I am NOT a morning person, so 6 is too darn early, and I have sleep issues.  I can be tired as can be, but can't fall asleep.  Some nights I'll lay in bed for 4 hours with the lights, tv, and phone off and still can't doze off.  Thanks to a friend's recommendation, I started taking melatonin, and I have been falling asleep much quicker.

Saturday was the day.  The day we finally took the the Christmas decor.  Yes, I kept it all up a little longer than usual, but hey I was tired.  It is all down now, and I am looking to refresh the house a bit.  We installed some shelves in the bedroom closet, and I added a plastic shelf to organize the front closet.  But oddly I am craving some splashes of color in the house.  I'm in love with this print. I've not been able to shake off my love for emerald since it was the color of the year for Pantone a few years back.
\\ source \\
And this blue trio is stunning.  So good. 
\\ source \\
 The blue trio would be stunning in a lake house if you ask me.  I can't wait until we get the stairs finished and we can start working on the gallery wall going up the stairs.

I do have a back stock of blog posts to put up over the next few months so this space won't be totally void, but if it gets a little quiet just know, I am likely napping after a long day.  Did I mention that my last class of the day is all guys?  Yep.  That nap is needed.


  1. Glad the melatonin worked for you! Hopefully you adjust to your new schedule soon!! xoxo

    1. I've adjusted quite quickly actually, I willingly went to be before my designated bedtime last night. The end of the world may be near. I even woke up before my alarm clock.


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