Sunday, November 8, 2015

Fall Home 2015

Fall is here, and rapidly leaving, winter is steadily on its way.  We spruced up the house a bit.  I took pumpkins and gourds left over from my mom's classroom and then cut some fresh flowers from their house and called it a day.  But I'd say it was just enough to be a nice touch of fall.   
I did purchase a bag of the cinnamon pinecones from the craft store maybe a month ago and neatly arranged threw them into a baking dish.  Let's just home I don't need to bake anything in a 1.5 quart dish anytime soon - added in a mini pumpkin and called it done in the entry. 

I also switched out the decor on either side of the TV.  I added a mini pumpkin and a mum flower arrangement on one side, and to the other side a cake stand with more pine cones, gourds, and a pumpkin! Andddd I broke the dome to my cake stand, which is depressing but I'll be replacing it because I don't think can live without one.  Dramatic much? Yes.
I kept it quite simple, but since we spend the most time in the living room a few touches in there couldn't hurt right?  
Oh, pardon me while I go sneak off to eat a chocolate caramel apple.


  1. oh no! not the dome! :( that's the best part of a cake stand. Also I'm bummed I'm missing out on those caramel apples..sooo good

    1. Right?! why can't the bottom break! Next year you will be here for the apples!


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