September 28, 2015

Makeover Monday || Dresser

A few months back I bought this dresser.  The original intention was to take it to the lake for our room, but when we got to the sellers house the dresser was very heavy.  This dresser is fairly SOLID,  I'm still now sure how we actually unloaded it from when we got home.  Paul wasn't a big fan of me purchasing another item to paint, so I said I would just paint it and resell it if he hated it. I scored the item for only $40 after some negotiations and I figured I could make a decent profit on it, but after I reached the halfway point of painting it he decided to keep it.
  We replaced the one we were using in the living room with the new one, and we both quite like it.  It definitely brightens up the space.  Plus our new rug is coming soon!  We are quite on our way to getting the living room to a place I really like.  
After a good scrub I painted the whole dresser with Ben Moore's ultra spec 500 in base 1, my usual.  I rolled the top and sides with a foam roller, using a brush where needed and I used my paint sprayer to spray the drawers.  It had been a good bit of time since I used my paint sprayer, but the more I use it the better I get.  I reused the hardware and just added knobs to the doors since one of the handles was missing, I coated all of the handles with some new gold paint to freshen it all up.  So here is what the dresser looks like now in our living room.  I have my eye on some new hardware for the dresser, but it might take some time before that change gets made. 
Hope you liked this installment of makeover Monday!


  1. It looks good! I'm always so inspired by your furniture

    1. Thanks kelly! You know me, I'm a happy girl with a paint brush in my hand. It is about time I get painting something else


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