March 21, 2015

Why I quilt

Happy National Quilting Day!  Missouri Star Quilt Company had a call out for stories why people quilt, I didn't submit my story but I thought I would share it here anyway as well as some photos of the quilts the women in my family have made for me.

I don't think there is one single reason why I quilt, but  I quilt because my mom did, and her mom did, and and my great-grandmothers did.  It is a family thing and I pretty much intentionally or unintentionally do everything my mom does.  I also find quilting thrilling, you know sitting at a sewing machine for hours upon hours, just kidding.  I do like working with my hands, and the satisfaction that comes from making a quilt from a pile of fabric makes the mindless hours at the machine worth it.  Quilting also is a great way to explore my creativity and play with color.  But ultimately I quilt because I love.  

I love preserving memories
       I love dreaming of how much a baby will puke, poop on, and seek comfort in their blankie
             I love the joy on someone's face when they love the quilt that was made just for them
                    I love giving a gift that comes with my own blood (literally, I pin myself a lot), sweat                          and tears

If you have a story behind why you quilt I would love to hear it!

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