December 8, 2014

Bathroom: update III

We last left off with the bathroom looking like this.  
An now we look a little more like this. 

 I realize some people would tackle a project like this in a weekend and be done, but our schedules don't accommodate that and I take too long to made decisions.  Our goal is to be done by the end of the year with the bathroom.  The mirror and towel bar and a few other little details are on our Christmas list so it most definitely won't be done before Christmas.  
The sink and faucet are not actually in place yet, we still have to adhere the laminate to the particleboard counter we built. 
So what have we actually gotten done since the last update?
Put the door knob back on, guests were kind of weirded out by the peep hole
Hung the shower curtain
Finished painting the vanity and put it in place
The laminate, sink and faucet came in
Started building the counter, nearly done
What is left to be done?
finish building the counter and fix it in place
clean the grout again and seal it
install sink
install faucet
get a mirror towel bar ect.
build and install floating shelves above toilet 
install the rolling shelf in the vanity
build, paint and install the doors
finishing touches art ect. 
and I'm sure I'm missing something on this list...
Here's to hoping we can finally call the bathroom done soon!

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  1. The progress of your bathroom definitely seems to be going well. I think replacing the medicine cabinet with floating shelves is so much better, visually. I also gotta say that the new shower curtains look a lot more appealing. Thanks for that update, Meg! Keep us posted. All the best! :)

    Rick Greer @ Finlay Brewer


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