November 14, 2014


Last month  in the budget we set back all of the money we saved to spend on Christmas, and I am hoping we don't spend nearly what we put back.  I'd love to have lots left over, to help out in the saving money area is a site called  ebates.  It is pretty simple, you sign up for an account and then you shop on partnered websites - they offer cash back, coupons and rebates.  With your first qualifying purchase you can also earn a $10 gift card to one of a few options of your choice.  You accumulate money in your account and then get a check sent to you or the money directly into your paypal account.  Easy, simple and the list of partnering sites to get cash back from is crazy long.
I'm planning on doing much of my holiday shopping through ebates because well, saving money is great.  But beyond the holidays, with ebates you can save money on things you are going to buy for everyday use as well.  Target currently has up to 2.5% cash back and free shipping on everything.  You can bet I'll be buying my shampoo online, Paul's contact solution and well toothpaste too if we are being honest.  Oh and deodorant, because why not?
So far I've been loving using it and just wanted to share!  I've got a referral link if you want to check ebates out.  Just so you know if you make a purchase according to their guidelines I'll get a kickback for referring you.  Or if you don't want to use my referral link, just type in   but it would be cooler if you showed me some love.

Also show cali some love.  She woke up from this nap all warm and cuddly, my favorite kind of cat.  I'm still working on finding a good kitty litter deal through ebates...
Let me know if you try ebates out and how you like it!

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