March 24, 2014

How to keep your new brush purdy

So, you have a brand new paint brush, so pretty and not used yet and you want it to last forever.  Me too.  I dropped big bucks on a nice Purdy brush, well big bucks in the paint brush world.   Here are a few tips on keeping your brush nice and clean.

1. I came across this tip several times, and I had never heard it before.  Simply wet your brush before each use, and gently squeeze excess water out of the brush.  This will reduce the amount of paint that migrates up your bristles to the top.   
2. Of course, only dipping your bristles no more than 1/3 into the paint will also drastically help and making cleaning oh so much easier.
3. Hang it to dry!  Once again, this tip is geared toward keeping paint and excess moisture out of the top of the brush called the ferrule.  This will  keep the glue intact that holds the bristles.  
4. Use a fabric softener mixture (1/2 cup fabric softener per gallon ow water) to clean your brushes, NOT dish soap!  Apparently dish soap can gum up your brush!  (I was pretty guilty of this one until I researched it more, but I am not sure how bad it really is)
5. Clean often, every two hours clean your brush if you are using water based paints even if you are not done with your painting job.

Any great painting tips you have heard?

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