September 3, 2013

Building a better life week 1 & 2

So I have read the same article I found on pinterest several times, something to do with 8  or so steps to a happier you.  Can I find the link now?  Heck no!  But in general it listed things to change in your life to make you happier.  And who does not want to be happier?  I would not say that all of the steps would lead to a happier me, but I liked the idea.  So I set forth a challenge for myself, every week I will set a new goal.  In general this goal will be something that will occur on a daily or weekly basis and will build a better & stress free life for the Mr. & I.  It may be cleaning chores, health and wellness related, or who knows what!

Week 1:  This one came from the list that I cannot seem to find... but make our bed everyday.  So I know lots of people already do this, but I was not one of those people.  I always like crawling into a bed at night that was made, but the Mr. never seemed to care so I just never did it in the morning.  Also, I made the Mr.  have a goal... he ALWAYS leaves all his drawers open in the morning after getting ready.  Seriously like dresser drawers just hanging wide open.  Drives me nuts.  I would always be shutting them, and then turn around and they were open again.  Makes for a cranky wife. So he promised to close his drawers and I promised to make the bed.  Week one is over, and guess what, we both did our job everyday and our room looked just a bit nicer.  Success.  Lets hope we keep this one up.

Week 2:  Fruit prep!  We both love fruit, but I have a tendency when I am hungry to not want to take the time to wash it, cut it or what not.  Lazy I know.  So when I came home from the grocery I washed the grapes and took them off the vine... yes I went that far,  but seriously it is so much easier when hunger strikes to be ready.  I plan to do this after every grocery trip for the fruits that is makes sense for.  And our grape consumption is up.

Do you set fort weekly goals to build a better life?  Do tell!


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