August 28, 2013

It is getting leggy

I just finished assembling my Expedit shelf from Ikea.  I had been eyeing it for awhile,  I wanted to put it under the window in the second bedroom/ my craft office sewing space.  I don't live near an IKEA, a solid three hour travel time to get to the closest one.  I was going to have it shipped to me, but holy cow,  the cost was several times more than the unit was worth.  I got lucky and my parents were going up to the shopping for themselves so I got free delivery!  So right now I am looking at one of these!

shelf 1

from here

From the very beginning I knew I wanted to add legs.  I have a huge issue with furniture that sits flush against the floor.  Personal preference, but I love visually having that space.  I started with a few pictures for inspiration.

i heart organizing

from I heart Organizing

live creating yourself

from live creating yourself

Not totally sure I like the legs that are used.  They are very popular, but I was feeling like adding some wood legs, maybe painted with a pop of color... or gold?  Not sure yet.  Gotta sleep on that one.  Below I have the top 4 leg options.

legs 1

top left | top right | bottom left | bottom right

Right now I am leaning toward the Queen Ann inspired legs, I think I want a slightly feminine look, after all this is the one room where I can totally do whatever I want.  What do you think?


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