June 10, 2018

Theo || 6 Months

1/2 year has flown by, and sweet baby Theo isn't such a little baby anymore.  I'm a basket full of emotions, I can't wait to see who he becomes but also where is my 5 pound baby.  Please give him back.  He turned 6 months on May 11th. 
Theo started on purees this month, and he is a food lover.  I like to call him my baby bird because he just opens his mouth wide and waits for the spoon.  He loves sweet potato, it is without a doubt his favorite food.  But with solids come more poop, oh yay.
He's a mover, never sitting still. He gets frustrated sometimes because he wants to get somewhere and just can't get there, yet.  I'm thinking he will be crawling soon.  He's pushing up onto his hands, and trying to move his legs so I think he'll be mobile too soon.
We are solidly in the phase of life where I get nothing done.  Days go by where I don't open my computer, weeds are growing up quite tall and I have quite the pile of bibs to finish for the etsy shop.  However, my heart is full and so is the camera on my phone. 
He took his first short road trip up to Michigan to see our friends Angie, Bret, and pup Stormy.  He did pretty well, sleeping all the way up, but was a little fussy coming home.  I'm sure I am forgetting something of note, but oh well.  Now for the abundance of adorable photos.

May 21, 2018

Ocean Inspired || Molehills Quilt

A few weekends ago Theo and I went to a baby shower for one of my old co-workers.  She is due in June with a baby boy, who I have dubbed Theo's new best friend.  When I found out I was pregnant with Theo, I felt this immense responsibility in raising a boy to be a gentleman.  We reveled in the privileged to raise boys together.  I wanted to sew something special for her,  so I took inspiration from her beach nursery theme and sewed a molehills quilt. 

Theo acted as a good little model baby.  Don't worry he is paid in snuggles and kisses.  I have yet to make a molehills in girly colors, so someone have a girl please.  Also, what colors should I make the next one in?  It is just such a fun patern I want to sew another one.  Maybe I should start the one for my bed... maybe. 

April 25, 2018

Theo || 5 Months

Well I'm very late to the game here, but Theo turned 5 months on the 11th.  Things have been a little very quiet on the blog because Theo went through some sleep regression, which was hell.  He went from sleeping through the night to waking up 10 times a night some nights.  To add to that, we are  going through a "all I want is mama" phase.  Not all the time, but when he's especially tired he only wants me, which brings a whole new set of challenges.  I love every moment with him, but sometimes I  need the ability to cook dinner, or shower.  This month more than ever I loved watching him learn.  He was so into the world around him, it was exciting to see him interact and play with everything. 

I feel like he turned into a chunk this month, he wasn't eating any more but he really found a way to pack on the pounds.  His double chin is impressive.  But even more important, how the hell is my baby 5 months old?    One day I also hope we will solve the mystery of what color his eyes are going to be. 

March 20, 2018

Theo || 4 Months

We might as well call 4 months 'the month we hear "those cheeks!" more than any other phrase' becuase oh my goodness people can't get over his cheeks.  Which I get, they are plump and squishy.  Ohh man he loves having them squished too, and if you play with his double chin he might love you forever.  
I swear he is the happiest baby around.  He is constant smiles and laughs,  he is such a joy to have around. He started regularly sleeping through the night, which has been awesome.  He wakes up at 8:30 smiley ready to start the day. 

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