Wednesday, October 18, 2017

They said what?! || 3

It is hard to believe I am in the middle of only having 4 weeks of teaching left before maternity leave starts, and I am ready.  I have hit that spot in pregnancy when sleep is elusive - partially because I pee all the time, and the heartburn has started to rear it's ugly head.  I quite literally cried this past Monday when I had to leave.  Cried real tears, and told Paul I don't know if I can make it.  But then my kids say funny (to me) things and I know I'll not only make it, but I'll miss them. 

First up I was telling my kids about ligers, because cats are awesome, and we were defining what a species is.  I brought up a few photos, and the on liger looked like she had spots on her.
One of my kids asks "why does the liger have spots if it is a a lion and tiger mix?"  
Another kid responds "Because she was cheating with a cheetah!"  

Not quite how that works, but quick and often witty thinkers they are.

We later in the week were looking at a photo of an ecosystem and they had to pick out as many abiotic and biotic factors that they could going back and forth between teams.  One of snakes in the image was a scarlet king snake, a classic example of a mimicry.  I always teach the phrase "red next to black safe for jack, red next to yellow kills a fellow" 
I was going to give massive bonus to the group that could finish my statement
"Red next to black..."
The response I got was "racist!"
Puzzled I looked back at her, and realized she heard "redneck's black"

Next up two quotes from one of my favorite girls.  First up in the middle of class, taking notes she has this epiphany. 
"Oh my god, I just realized Pumba is not a puma!" 
How much of her life did she spend thinking Pumba was a puma, and the whole "When I was a young warthog!!!!! part of Hakuna Matata.  
Image result for pumba
And mere minutes later after picking out her invasive species she comes up to me and asks if I can google her species so she knows what she picked.  
I said "Sure what did you sign up for?"
"The zebbbra moosell"
  My co-teacher and I can't help it, we bust out laughing "Any chance you mean the zebra mussel?"

In other news,  things that had to be said to high school kids this week are "Don't throw the scissors"  and  "Did you just put the dried beans in your mouth?!  You know that every class has used those for the lab today and you just ate them!"  

And for my education this week, I learned that rap snacks are a thing. Chip flavors with rappers on them.  
Image result for rap snacks

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Fall Porch + Paint It!

I'll admit to never doing the best job at decorating the outside of our house for fall.  I see all these lovely front porch decorations and I just get paralyzed and don't do anything.  My mom bought me mums for my window boxes this year which really livened the place up, but I have more fun decorating their porch every year.  Last year they painted their front door a lovely shade of teal.  After picking up some free crates from a closing quilt shop, and leftover pumpkins from my mom's classroom I set out to make a fall front porch for the cheapest I could.  

Here is what he porch looked like last year.  
We dug up some mums from their yard - they have them spread to all sorts of crazy locations & we cut some grasses from their yard to add height to the crate in the back.  We flipped the front crate upside down, and we added a pile of pumpkins.  The only thing purchased for the porch last year I believe was the rug.  I'd love to see another rug layered underneath it for more of a visual impact. 

And here is the porch this year. 
We used the free crates again as well was the same rug, and cut more grasses from their yard.  We did buy pumpkins specifically for the porch this year, but we found some for really cheap.  I think my mom spend $1 each for the orange ones.  We bought the white pumpkin for $2, and green one I believe was $4. She grew plenty of gourds and mini pumpkins in the garden, and at one of the local stands we stopped at the older man who grew them said we could take as many mini pumpkins as we wanted because he had grown so many.  In the front crate I flipped some pots upside down to place the pumpkins on.  Instead of digging up mums this year, I cut some of their hydrangeas to fill in around the pumpkins. I didn't put them in water or anything, because they dry nicely on their own.  

So you know how it is always easier to make decision for other peoples' houses?  I could do that all day, but decisions for my own house eek.  I am terrible at it, plus I like spending other peoples' money.  So back to their house... sorry ma, but I have always felt like it wasn't balanced without the sidelight painted as well.  So this year I finally mocked up what it would look like if they pained it as well.  
Ah so much better right?!  Now I think there are plenty of instances where the sidelight can be left unpainted or match and the trim and it works well.  But in this case with one sidelight, and the fact that the trim and sidelight color matches the house color I think it really brings some balance.  Oh, but I don't stop there.  
I would love to see another rug layered to add more visual volume, and you won't ever go wrong with a fall wreath.  Have I convinced you mom?
So here would be my recipe for a perfect fall porch
1.  Layered rugs
2.  Some sort of height in grasses or corn - cut from your own yard or maybe a neighbor would be nice and share since you cut back grasses in the fall anyway. 
3.  Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins!  We have found a few local stands that are really cheap that we will visit again next year.
4.  Old crates or baskets - keep your eyes peeled at garage or estate sales.
5.  Fall flowers (mums or hydrangeas are lovely - again see if a neighbor would share if you don't have any hydrangeas)

So maybe next year I'll be taking more notes from myself and get my own house in order.  This year I just have not pulled myself together enough.  Next week our new carpet gets installed, so I am taking down all the fall decor I had up for a week, and cleaning out the living room and moving furniture.  After almost 4 years I can't wait to finally be rid of our carpet, and share our lovely indoor fall decor.  Because that I can do. 

Friday, September 29, 2017

They said what?! || 2

I swear it is always at the end of the week that my kids say some of the funniest things.  Maybe we are all starting to lose our minds?  I have a particularly awesome 4th period class, and I can always count of them for a good laugh. 

This week we were looking at populations and characteristics we can use to describe a population.  We tied in some information about the human population because it is a bit more interesting than animals, and really grabbed their attention. 

So one girl asks, "You know how there is the baby boomer generation?  What are we?"
Her peer responds "Ain't we generation Y?"
"Maybe we be Generation Y can't you keep your legs shut"

I looked at my co-teacher and we about died laughing, it is just so true.  The number of girls pregnant right now is off the charts.  I have 3 current students who are pregnant, another 4 former students pregnant.  I know some of my currents already have kids, and several of the boys are Dads.  Between last year kids that are pregnant or have a kid total at least 20 - it is hard to know all of the boys because they don't often talk about it.  So yea, maybe I agree with the whole Generation Y can't you keep your legs shut?!

A conversation I try not to hear is when kids are talking about their parole officers coming to take their drug tests at school.  Some of these kids are very open about buying clean pee and they have learned how to sneak it.  Anyway, I catch the tail end of a conversation talking about sucking on pennies... the kid looks at me and says "I test negative for everything, I swear - except for life.  I'm high on that" and creepily smiles.  Again, I barely keep myself together.  I'm glad he is clean, and also oh so cheesy.  

And now after not wearing compression socks today and feeling all the rage of being almost 33 weeks pregnant and teaching all week - Leslie Knope knows how I feel.  

Saturday, September 23, 2017

My favorite low maintenance lip colors.

With school in full swing, I'm back into wearing very low maintenance lip colors.  I don't want to be worrying about if I have lipstick wearing off poorly or transfer onto the teeth.  The problem is I sometimes still look a bit young to be teaching high school kids.  Just this week during a fire drill I told a kid to get out of the street he responded with "Oh sh*t I didn't know you were a teacher!"  I have had plenty of kids come in to my room and can't find their teacher... in my head I say "seriously you think a student wears dress pants and a blouse to class?"  Anyway, I like to wear a bit more makeup, usually involving a brighter lip color.  I don't want to age myself but I try to look more polished.  I keep the rest of my makeup simple because at this point I take sleep over eye shadow, most days.  So I wanted to round up 5 of my absolute favorite no fuss lip colors.

TONYMOLY Delight Tony Tint - $6  I am such a fan of a red lip, but I fear the maintenance it takes to pull it off.  This Tony Moly tint is perfect for creating a red lip that wears well.  I reach for this all the time during the holidays and for evenings out.  

ARROW BOOST Color Enhancing Lip Balm - $14   Applies like a chapstick, no mirror needed.  I received this in my Birchbox subscription ago and I love it.  This claims to automatically adjust to your body's pH to create a unique to you perfect pink.  On my I usually get a really pretty pink with a bit of a sheen, it didn't swatch well on my arm but trust me this is a great lip product.  I keep this in my bag at school all the time, it is my daily go to.  

Elizabeth Mott Tint and Sass - $15   Sometime I forget how much I love this color.  I received it in my Ipsy subscription a few years back, and it lasts forever.  This red tint has the prettiest blue undertone that works perfectly with my skin tone.

Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain - $9.49 These Revlon lip colors are great from the drugstore.  I love the colors sweetheart & honey.  Sweetheart is a bright pink, BRIGHT.  Honey is a really pretty mauve neutral pink.  It is perfect if you don't love bright color.  This starts glossy and wears down to a wonderful stain. 

Peripera's Tint Water - $12  This is a bright pink lip stain that lasts until lunch for me.  It is a bit on the runny side, but it builds nicely.  My absolute favorite lip stain was by a Korean brand that suddenly stopped selling in the U.S., so this is the closest that exists on the market.

Friday, September 22, 2017

They said what?!

For those of you who don't know I teach high school kids, and quite often I am blown away by the things they say and do.  So here are two examples from Friday last week that had me laughing, because laughter is the only way to get through this job some days.
1.  I told a kid to kid the f5 key to refresh his computer browser because it was frozen.  He said "this ain't working Mrs. G"  I come over and he is literally hitting the F key and then the number 5. 

Minutes later a girl does the same thing after my co-teacher told her to hit f5, as she begins to complain very loudly her friend responds...
     "Hit the f5 key dummy"  
     She yells back "I AM"  
     "NO you are hitting F and then 5, hit the f5 at the top"  
     "Oh my gosh you are such an idiot"
Now I should not have been surprised.  These kids come from low income families, and many of them don't have access to a computer at home.  So I was wrong in assuming that they would know the f5 key, but I did think they they had a computer class in middle school. 

2.  Now onto my 11th & 12th graders.  I had a class period that very seriously thought that dragons are real.  We had just watched the Jesus Christ lizard which runs across water, very cool.  We were talking about the properties of water, and just finished cohesion so I wanted to end with something fun on a Friday.  Somehow that got us onto the topic of dragons, they thought since dinosaurs are real dragons must be real too.  We got that straightened out thank goodness - hopefully. I am not sure that all of them were convinced.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Second Trimester // Pregnancy Diaries

I am officially in my 3rd trimester, home stretch!  I am 31 weeks tomorrow as I finish up my 2nd trimester reflection which means I only have 8 more weeks teaching before leave.  8 weeks, that seems manageable right?  I am terrible at taking pictures, like I have zero cute bump photos, I think we are going to have a friend take some.  But, I do have a photo my Cal laying on me looking quite agitated because her spot is shrinking.  

Baby:  At 24 weeks I finally started feeling good kicks.  He is moving like crazy now, and I love seeing the random jabs on my stomach.  For how far along I am my fundal height measurements are right on track.

Pregnancy Side Effects:  Oddly I started getting sick during the second trimester.  It hit just a few times a week, but I felt so wiped out after.  I felt like I lost so many days of summer laying in bed after puking.  Now here is a little TMI - late 2nd semester when I started to, you know pee a little sometimes when I sneezed,  add that to violent puking and can you guess what happens?  Yes, I puke and pee at the same time.  I wish this was a new trick that could make me tons of money.  I shared that little fact with my coworkers and they about peed themselves laughing.  

Cravings: I could always eat macaroni and tomato juice (tell me someone else eats this?),  I crave chocolate milk, still craving Casa's salad, and I'd kill for cheap soft serve ice cream.  You know the Chinese buffet kind of cheap ice cream?  I LOVE that kind.  

Aversions Eggs held strong in the aversion category.  Later in the day I was more OK with eggs, but first thing in the morning was never a good idea.  I used to be able to eat the same meals for days on end, but now once I eat a meal one day I have a fairly strong aversion to it the next day.

Exercise:  Err.  Well  I did go on walks a few times a week during the summer, but now that school has started again I just don't have the energy.  At the tail end of my 2nd I started having some pelvic pain that made walking hurt so that has really trailed off.  Our midwife said the soreness was likely due to the fact that he had flipped and was head down.  

Excited About:  Finally getting to meet our boy!  I am so darn curious about how big he is going to be.  I still get people saying I don't look pregnant.  Are they being nice or it is just the way I am dressing?  Also very excited for maternity leave!

Purchases:   I went shopping for another nice round of clothing purchases.  He is still in need of so many clothes, but I feel a bit better about what he has now.  I  have also bought the crib, rug, rocker cushions, and pouf for his nursery (you can find my mood board here!)

Sewn: My mom and I put together the quilt top for the little man!  I have also sewn 2 swaddle blankets, and burp cloths.  I am not totally sure what to sew for him clothes wise, I'm thinking maybe I'll sew him some rompers 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sunday Small Talk

This summer has gone so fast, my first day of school is on Friday.  Which means the end of lake weekends.  Last year we still went up on the weekends during the fall, but I think it wasn't as relaxing because I had so much I needed to get ready for school.  Plus this year we have loads to get done at home to ready our room, and the nursery for the baby.  I will need to get away for a bit at some point when the new carpet gets installed, I will need to crash at either my parents house or the lake on the weekend until the fumes dissipate.  The joys of being pregnant and oh so cautious of VOCs.  
 I don't love my class schedule looking at it on paper - I have 4 sections of a class I didn't enjoy teaching last year so that will be interesting...  I am blessed to have a co-teacher 4 periods of the day which is nice because I don't think my bladder would survive without her.  I'm very curious about class sizes this year, last year my largest was 37 kids with no co-teacher or aid which was a bit large.  I just feel a bit torn, I am not ready to go back, but I am ready for the next few months to fly by so we can meet our little man.  I am taking the rest of the school year off after he is born.  The logistics of pumping, and being at school just does not sound like fun.  Plus there is NO WAY I would be able to tear myself away from this little man during those first few months.  He is only going to be this little once, and I don't want regrets about missing this time with him.  Teaching is easy enough to step away from and come back to, which was part of the draw for me.

I finally contacted HR to tell them I am pregnant!  It only took me being 6 months pregnant to do so.  I am officially 25 weeks pregnant as of today, only 15 (ish) more to go!

My garden went to the crapper this year... it has just been so hot I don't want to get outside and do a darn thing.  It certainly looks like a jungle in a few areas of my yard this year.  As much as I hate doing it I will be preening the crap out of every flower bed because I don't anticipate having the time next summer with out little man being here.
The veggie garden is still producing pretty well - but the tomatoes look pathetic compared to this time last year.  I will say that this has been the best green pepper year for me, and the worst tomato year.  We had a good bit of rain this last week and tons of my Early Girl variety cracked.  Beautiful little green tomatoes with a bright red future ahead of them, ruined.
My mom and I finished the top for the baby's quilt, and I love it.  My mom cut all of pieces, while I sewed all of the hills which made it come together quite quickly.
This past week my co-workers threw a little baby celebration.  My department head is also pregnant and due the week after school begins, so they had a diaper party for both of us which was lovely.  One of our assistants is gluten intolerant so I wanted to make sure to make something she could eat, so I made gluten free monster cookies which turned out fantastic!  I'm tweaking the recipe a bit and I'll be sharing it soon.

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