February 20, 2018

Master Reno || The build

If you haven't read part one of our new master bedroom you can catch it here.

So we landed on a plan for the closet, now the task was mostly was handed over to Paul to work on.  One the agenda was framing, electrical, drywall, ripping out old carpet, finishing and installing pocket door, painting (walls, trim & ceiling) and getting carpet installed.  First thing, he ripped up carpet in the corner of the room where the closet was going, and he starting framing the closet out.  We stored all the carpet in our garage and each trash week we slowly threw some away.
The pocket door track was also installed during this phase.  Honestly the framing was the quickest part of the project.  Next up was electrical.  We needed to move on light on the ceiling to be inside the closet, and we needed to wire a switch for it.  We added a light on the front of the closet because the mini hall we created was going to be darker since we moved a light.  We also added electricity to the side of the closet on the outside so we can hang our TV.  The final electrical work done was moving the main light switches.  We have a door that swings left as you enter the room, and oh they put the light switches behind the door on the left as you enter... it was a minor annoyance but I'm so happy we moved them.  Paul's dad came over to help do the electrical work.  We needed a little extra help in that area to be safe, don't want to start an electrical fire.
Onto the drywall!  This was the longest process for sure.  Our friend Matt came over to help hang the drywall, being 7 months pregnant by this point I was not going to be much of a help lifting drywall and holding it.  Then the finishing began, and the never ending drywall dust.  See, I hadn't cleaned out the room yet so I was pretty screwed.  Everything got covered and I'm still fining it around the house I swear.  Drywall dust is sent from the devil, I swear.  I wipe something clean, and oh look still drywall residue everywhere.
Somewhere along the way we ran into a trim conundrum, we could not find baseboards to match what we had in the room.  Paul looked at big box stores, lumbar yards, and even a specialty trim stores.  Ah, we ended up having just barely enough from the inside of the closet on the original wall to use on the outside of the new wall.  We then put totally new on the inside of the closet to make it easy and not spend $$$ to get it to match exactly.  (Sorry future homeowners if we screw you up in some way "WHY DID THEY USE TWO DIFFERENT TRIM BOARDS THAT LOOK ALMOST THE SAME?!")
Paint time!  We chose Benjamin Moore classic gray.  It worked well with our carpet.  We went with carpet from Home Depot, this is the one that came highly recommended.  I spend my birthday 8 months pregnant on a stool scooting around a room taping to trim to be painted.  Not exactly fun.
Once the whole room was painted it was carpet time, we'll pick up there next master bedroom post.  Oh but first, Theo is getting more blog time because, well he's adorable and we love him.  But our fur-child was not so happy with losing "her" room.  She looks moderately demonic.  
There is so much of the ugly work that has to be done before I can get to doing the pretty work.  But, we're almost there. 

February 18, 2018

Theo's Chenille Quilt

My second quilt for Theo is finally done!  This faux chenille style of quilt has been my go to for years of baby showers, and I have had a tutorial in my blog post drafts for 3 years now.  It is relatively quick and easy to sew, and makes a perfect play mat.  It is a little bit heavier in weight than a normal quilt, but I think it is a great cuddle blanket for those cold winter days for toddlers.  In fact I took the first one I ever made, which was done with pink ombre fabric that I dyed, to the hospital with me as a cuddle blanket for myself.
I searched for quite some time to find the perfect larger check fabric, and settled on a lovely gray shade.  I had originally set out looking for a large buffalo check fabric and found this gingham.  It achieved the look I was going for (fabric).  The binding was done in this really fun dot print from Cotton and Steel (fabric).  The irregular dots worked really well on the binding.  I used gray, white and navy flannel from Joann's.
Theo uses it regularly for tummy time and general lounging, he loves feeling the texture on the back of the quilt while he plays.  Next up on the Theo sewing list are more burp cloths and bibs becuase he is king of spit up.  

February 15, 2018

Theo || 3 Months

Theo turned 3 months this past Sunday!  1/4 of the way through his first year of life, and man we love having him.  Right after he turned 2 months we used up all his newborn diapers, and I finally came to peace with the fact that he was growing and I put him in 3 month outfits.  Putting all his newborn stuff away was sad, he has so many cute sleepers.  Theo had a rough patch this month where I thought I was never going to sleep again.  He previously was really good about being put down for bed and just falling asleep on his own.  We had a period  of maybe a week where we were up nonstop, I was up 6x and Paul 5x all in the same night.  I thought I was going to lose my mind.  Seriously.  And then one day he went back to normal, easy to put down and only up 1 - 2 times.
His smiley self really came out this month.  As soon as he locks eyes with us we get flashed the cutest smile.  Oh and I melt into a puddle, he can just have my credit cards and all my money now.  I need to find a backbone or I'll be in some serious trouble. 

Taking photos this month was a challenge, becuase this boy loves to wiggle and he has found his hands.  Boy are those things great, they must taste good beause they are often in his mouth.  About half of my photos from our photo shoot are just him looking at his hand.
His naps are not regualar yet, which is OK with me.  He's not on a strict schedule at all, we just do what he needs when he needs it.  But, with all the excting things going on in the world he does not want to nap sometimes and we are struggeling with getting over tired and being hard to put down.  A pacifier is a almost a sure ticket to get him to sleep now.  It is like magic it goes in and his eyes get droopy (he's totally fine once it falls out I don't have to replace it.) 
This little guy still hates baths.  I crank up the heater in the bathroom, cover him with washcloths to keep him warm, turn the lights down, play gentle music, and he SCREAMS.  
One of the more beneficial developments this month is that he will lay in his pack n' play looking at his mobile for usually 30 minutes in the morning while I cook breakfast.  I can eat, clean the kitchen a bit and he just coos away.  We are loving his sweet little personality starting to come through!

February 6, 2018

Little Tweaks

It must be the new year kicking in, but I am on a cleaning organizing craze.  I want our house to better function for us, and I want it to be tidy.  I know little Theo is going to be on the move eventually so we need places for all the crap that spreads out right now. 

My craze has started in the kitchen.  We don't have a mudroom, or a good drop zone in our house, the door from the garage opens onto steps to either come up into the house or go down into the basement.  So the door in our kitchen tends to have piles of shoes around it as well as beer, water etc.  Nothing puts me in a bad mood faster than carrying Theo inside and tripping over shoes.    The amount of dirt / rocks that is drug in during the winter is also driving me crazy.  Our back door area typically looks like this, except even more shoes.
For now we have a very simple solution.  We bought a rug to go along the wall.  We'll put shoes on the rug between the door stop and the fridge.  The beer etc. got put away in a closet we are turning into a pantry, and I moved the extra coats into a closet.  Such a stupid simple change, but just giving these items a home has made me feel so much better, even if that home is just on a rug. 
Eventually I'd like to add a little storage unit on the wall.  Ikea has some awesome ones, but to fit between the doorstop and fridge, not stick out much, and be short enough to fit under the light switch is a tall order.  
Please tell me little tweaks in your home make you feel so much better as well!  This one was super cheap, and brings me a ridiculous amount of joy.  I have also rearranged the countertop appliances into zones that make more sense, and maybe most importantly I am working hard to never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.  That one will be hard, but I love waking up to a clean kitchen to start the day.  Now if I could only get into the habit of making my bed every day. 

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